About me
© 2022 George Okuome
Welcome to my website G.Sparks - Art  Here you can find a selection of my artistic work in the form of acrylic and oil paintings.  In May 2022, I presented an excerpt of my works for thefirst time under the title "Safari- a journey to yourself" in Cologne Buchforst.   "Safari" means "journey" in my mother tongue Swahili andwith it I literally set out on a new path. Memories from myhome country Kenya inspire me to capture moods andexpress them artistically on canvas.  For me, the paintings symbolise the liveliness, strengthand grace of my African world as I feel it.   I am pleased that many visitors have shown their interestin my art and that enriching conversations and contactshave arisen during the exhibition.    Have fun looking at my works. If you have any questionsabout my paintings, please do  not hesitate to contactme.             About me My works